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Welcome to the Photo Store

Please know that these are original photos taken by the photographers credited. Naturally the photos are real photos on high quality, glossy Kodak photo paper and not printed. You can select these sizes: 20x30cm (€10.00) and 13x19cm (€5.00) plus shipping. If you would like bigger sizes, do not hesitate to ask. The delivery times vary, but should not take more than two weeks after payment.
I suggest you use an IKEA frame called RESLIG to the 20x30cm photos. You need to shave off a few millimeters from the photo, but then it fits like a glove.
The easiest ways to pay are either via PayPal to an address I will give you via mail, or to my bank account, if you live in Sweden. Naturally you can pay via bank from abroad as well, but as that is very costly I recommend PayPal.


Contact me with your questions and orders at:



Regards, Thomas